My response to a Doctor Who themed commission request.

How to begin

I often get asked about how to go about requesting a specific commission? So here on this page is where I will try and distill the process down to a few simple steps. 

1. Email me at with...

     A) A description of your idea (If you had one already?)

     B) Any photo reference material you might have as inspiration.

     C) Or just point out what paintings of mine you like the best, (i.e. flowers, etc.)

     D) Do you have a size range you were looking for?

     E) Framed or un-framed?

2. I will then get back to you with my thoughts on the piece and a time estimate for completion. I believe in keeping most of my paintings at less than $500 to encourage more people to buy originals artwork instead of just prints.  I will try and keep that the same for commissioned work and most paintings up to 9x12 will start at $150- $200. 11x14's, and 12x16's will be $250-$300 approximately.  16x20 and larger will start at $400-$500


3. Payment can be made half up front and half when finished after having seen the final photo.

Some things to consider

     Be aware that when ordering a commission from any artist the final work will be in the style of that artist.  For example if you asked me to paint a waterlily do not expect it to look like a Monet. It will be my interpretation of the subject with my style of brush strokes, composition, and color.   I will also not do portraits from photos.  People are one of those subjects that just have to be painted from life to look right. 

Examples of some previous commissions

I was contacted by a collector who had bought several of my paintings already but wanted something specific for a big birthday present for his partner.  He left it wide open for me so I started narrowing it down by saying "how about some flowers?" He responded that if he had to pick one particular floral subject it would be purple spotted orchids.  Through a wonderful coincidence we just happened to have the most amazing purple spotted orchids blooming in the backyard at that exact time.  I sent some photos and he gave the thumbs up to proceed.  It was a wonderful project that inspired me to be open to more collaborations/commissions.

Purple Spotted Orchids 8x10 Oil on Paper

Another good friend and collector wanted to get a special house warming gift for his friend and former professional baseball player Billy Bean.  The only guidance he had for me was something tropical and with white in it?  I suggested one of my favorites the "Giant White Bird Of Paradise" flower.  I showed him several reference photos and proceeded to do two smaller sketches before going ahead with the final work.  The sketches were so much fun I ended up making them finished paintings themselves which the buyer bought for himself and sent the larger commissioned piece as the gift.

  White Birds I 6x8 Oil On Board

 White Birds II 6x8 Oil On Board

White Birds Commission For Billy Bean 9x12 Oil On Board

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