Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Patreon Page please help support if you can spare a coffee a month? Not even a latte just a coffee!

Very excited to finally have a page on Patreon.  Hoping that other artists and art lovers will show some support and be like the patrons of the past.  This is your modern chance to be like the Medici Family of the Renaissance, Churches, Kings, Queens and many other groups that supported the arts throughout history.  Thanks to the internet bringing so many of us together we can pool our resources and for just a few dollars a month I can keep growing as an artist by:
-Attending workshops. 
I really want to go to Michelle Dunaway's  next one in the spring in Putney VT. workshops
Then if I get good enough at painting portraits the goal has always been to paint them to be auctioned off for charity.  Makes for a more interesting fundraising than just cutting a check.
I wanted to paint some vets for the
Paint some of the artist survivors for
And more.
-Replacing supplies to paint more boldly.
If I worried less about whether a certain painting was going to fail I would take more chances artistically.
I have been wanting to paint larger but run into the same concerns of wasting materials.  Oil painting can be very expensive.
So please head over to my Patreon page and think about giving it a try.  If you are not satisfied at the end of the year I will refund your money! There will be free giveaways of paintings and prints.  Huge discounts on my new paintings and you will be the first one to see them!
Here is my favorite still life so far.  A new old silver pitcher with some great pumpkin models.  Listed on Etsy now but it is $100 off! For Patreon supporters.

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