Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Commission plus side projects

Have not been posting much lately but I have been working! Here is a new commission of one of my favorite subjects the Giant White Bird Of Paradise flower for Brett in NYC. The second pic shows how I start a painting.  You can see the earthy block in for the centerpiece while I finished up the background branches.  The third pic shows one of my other projects that ate up some time.  I made a new smaller lighter palette box for traveling with.  At the last Putney VT workshop I attended with Michelle Dunaway I realized my old one took up most of the suitcase and most of the 50 lb weight limit!  In the second pic you can also see the colored squares in the background.  Those are my color charts for identifying what your main colors look like when mixed together in all the various combinations.  It is a huge time consuming project but well worth it.  I am so glad it is finally over now I can get back to painting and practicing portraits again before the next workshop in April.

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