Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunset For The Windmill 9x12

These great old California farm buildings are still barely standing on the road to Brandon's parents house. I have tried capturing them before in bright winter daylight but it lacked the extra patina of age when washed out by the sun.  Ended up wiping that one and I am glad I did.  This second try really got the silent mood of the place.  You walk through there and just know it is from another time.  When things were done on a smaller scale.  When you needed a little windmill like this one to pump a well for just that field.  I wondered how many years that windmill had been spinning and just what stopped it for the last time.  Was it the vines that no one came to cut down anymore?  Now they help it to look like a falling flower, leaving a few petals behind. 
     The composition was lined up to catch those far off palm trees in the distance.  Did another California painting this week because I am excited to announce I get to return for two weeks of painting in May!  So look for more plein air landscapes.

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