Friday, February 21, 2014

"Lifes A Beach" Kauai Hawaii Beach Scene In The Shade Of The Ironwoods 16x20

Now that I can finally paint larger (16x20 is practically sofa size for me!) this was the first image that came to mind.  I took the reference photos on Kauai during a painting expedition many years ago.  I did not paint this before now because I was waiting for my skills to catch up with the painting I saw in my head.  I knew if I had tried it before now there were little things I would not have been able to capture like the shadows on the sand or the light coming through the trees.   Never shipped one this large so I will bump up my usual $5 charge to $25 and see if that will cover it?  Hope you guys like it, looking for feedback on whether I should keep painting bigger!

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