Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Geraniums And Orchids On A Ledge 8x12 Painting #444!

Did a new dimension, 8x12, for my 444th painting. This was a big beautiful Geranium that had been over-wintered indoors at the Edinburgh Botanical Garden.  He had two smaller orchid friends that were just as happy to spend the winter inside.  Still having problems with the photographs for some paintings?  This one is way off but looks so much better in person.  The leaves on the vines in back do not look like black mold lol but are a nice range of subtle greens.  The biggest difference is the main geranium color is a beautiful coral-violet-pink?  But no matter how I shot this one they would only come out as a flat brown-pink?  I do not want to go out and buy a whole new camera just to find out that violet hues are impossible to accurately capture?

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