Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day Two Of The Sonoma CA Painting Expedition

 Getting started early morning on Sonoma Square.  This was a view of a nice old historic theater.  Spent a bit too much time on the marquee and did not get to finish the whole painting.  I will add some final layers and post it for sale when I get back to New Orleans.
 Sonoma Square Theater 8x10 Plein Air
 This next painting was done at mid-day down in Petaluma.  Some great side roads with big beautiful ranch views.  I was really caught by these great eucalyptus trees and had to stop and paint.
Sonoma Gum Trees 8x10 Plein Air
This was my last stop of the day back up the Valley Of The Moon close to Santa Rosa.  I painted a different view of this same ranch last year and was very relieved to see it was still there.  It has had a for sale sign on it for a long time.  My inside source says they are asking a ton of money hoping a deep pocket winery neighbor will buy it.
Valley Of The Moon Ranch 8x10 Plein Air

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