Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Water In The Sky, Tribeca Water Tower, NYC 9x12 Oil On Linen

This is one of those paintings that as an artist you spend weeks visualizing it in your head and then are so freaking happy when you finally get around to doing it and it looks exactly how you wanted.  Being a country boy I never thought I would find any artistic joy in a "city scene".  I have been surprised by how many times a good cityscape will catch my eye.  This gave me the itch to try one myself and now I want to do 100!  Unfortunately I did not take enough pictures on our first trip to the big city this summer so I will be on the lookout for inspiration everywhere.  Tonight is the night I finally get back into figure drawing.  Back in Hawaii I used to go to 3 different drawing groups every week.  Now I have not had any practice in over a year and a half? So we will see how it goes.  Hoping for some more portraits to show in the coming months.


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