Friday, October 11, 2013

A Tardis In Amy Pond's Garden, 11x14 Commission

     It will be interesting to see the response to this one? I bet a lot of my followers do not know of Doctor Who and some will be rabid fans who will geek out along with me over this scene.  I was approached to do a "Doctor Who themed" painting and my first reaction was to say no.  I was only picturing at the time trying to do some attempt at a group portrait of various doctor's and companions for different years of the show.  Maybe something of one of the epic battles throughout time? Luckily I slept on it  and one of my favorite images from the show crept into my head. I remembered from the 11th hour episode how much I loved the contrast of Amelia Pond's backyard English garden with a very retro police box that is also a very futuristic symbol as well if you know the story.  I tried to keep this loose and impressionistic to have it seem like any traditional landscape painting but with a big surprise thrown in.
     If you are also interested in a commission email me and we can plan it out.  I will be adding a tab on the blog soon explaining the whole process, costs, shipping, timetable etc. soon. Off to paint plein air scenes today now that the Louisiana weather has finally cooled off a bit.

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