Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pansies, Petunias, And Begonias 9x12 Oil On Paper Who says summer is over?

Who says summer is over?  Down here in New Orleans I still have plenty of flowers blooming.  This was my first painting done on Arches new archival oil paper.  It is a totally new product that has a lot of advantages.  There is just the right amount of texture like with a fine watercolor paper, and about the same weight.  Easy to trim with a tear or scissors if I want to change the size of a piece after I am done. Very tough as well.  The oil sits right up on top like a good gessoed canvas but a bit faster drying.  Super strong as well, it held up to knife scraping and bristle brush scrubbing.  This should be a great surface to take on plane trips since you can carry so many more square inches of paintable surface for a fraction of the weight and space.  Before I invest in buying any more, or larger sheets I will try a side by side demo with my other favorite surface, Centurion's OP DLX oil primed smooth linen.

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