Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Golden Bronze Orchids 5x7

These pretty little blooms were posing for me just right.  I never get tired of painting orchids they have such a beautiful shape.  I also love to paint irises but have not been near many for a long time now.  Looking forward to next spring now that I am on the mainland my choice of flower subjects will be much more varied.  Exploring New Orleans a bit more.  Last weekend Brandon and I got to checkout another art store.  It is called Forstall Art Supply on Calhoun st.  They had a good deal on some discontinued Rembrandt Oils which are usually pretty pricey so I picked a few new colors that I had not tried out yet.  The three are: Cinnabar Green Light, Naples Yellow Green, and their version of Transparent Earth Orange.  I put them to good use on these next two paintings and may end up buying some more of this brand.

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