Saturday, February 18, 2012

Portrait Session At Linekona, Kathy with the steps from sketch to finish 8x10

The final painting, Kathy 8x10 Oil on Canvas

The opening sketch.

Developing the planes of the face and defining the darks and lights.

when the face is 80% complete it is good to start the background and find the right edges.

Almost done, time for the hair and correcting a few mistakes.

Our model Kathy.
Have not been getting any feedback on these longer posts showing my steps along the way to a finished portrait.  I have found that I like these notes for myself anyway so I may continue.  Also will try and do this for my plein air landscapes and still-lifes as well.  I hope I got this models name right, I even asked her if it was with a k or a c but then never wrote it down.
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Meghann said...

As someone who is not an artist getting a peek inside the process is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.