Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sunset in Hau'ula Hawaii 8x10 Plein Air

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday Painting Posting.

     This was the first of the two Hau'ula paintings done recently at my friend Dave's place.  We drove up the coast from a point south down and around the corner from the view in this painting.  Got there just in time.  I made some quick hellos to the other guests and ran my gear down to the beach.  After a quick setup I had just enough time to catch a great sunset with my toes in the wet sand.  Really happy with how the waves came out in this one.  Got some good tips from Stapleton Kearns art blog.  That man is a treasure trove of valuable information.  I highly recommend giving it a good read top to bottom for any artist. 
      Thanks for checking out my work.  This painting and others are up for auction at the Daily Paintworks website.   Below is a link to my gallery.

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