Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunrise In Laie 8x10 Plein Air

     Our friend Dave lives in Brasil now but everytime he comes back for a visit we have a party at one of his vacation rentals on the North Shore of Oahu. It is a great area if you are ever looking for a more unique Hawaiian vacation.  Less shopping, more kayaking and hiking etc. Google Hale Koolau for more info.
     We raced up there on a friday night and managed to get there just before sunset.  I grabbed my gear and made it to the beach just in time to paint a nice low-key dark sunset.  Will post that one later.  Had I not done that one this one may not have happened.  Set the alarm for an evil hour but almost went back to sleep as the security light out the window tricked me into thinking I had missed the sunrise.  Luckily I went out and checked.  Since my gear was setup from the night before (very important at that hour I have discovered)  I had just enough motivation to get out on the beach.  Found Dave already up in the beach hammock to my surprise, he is usually the last one up. 
     Dove right into this painting which from the lighting effect that morning turned out to be very high-key.  Those descriptive terms for a painting relate to where the major value groups fall.  In this high key most of the values are "high" or bright? you might say.  With some in the mid range, and very few in the darks.  There you just learned something.  Those dark clouds did turn into a brief shower which made me pack up since oil and water do not mix.  Rain does all sorts of horrible streaky things to a painting.

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