Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hamakua Marsh 8x10 Sold

Every Thursday night I ride my bike into Kailua Town for our weekly farmers market.  Sometimes I strap my plein air gear on the back and try to get a painting started.  Got lucky with the weather on this one.  You can see the ominous dark cloud threatening to cut short my painting session, but instead it just posed for me.  At the Putney VT event with Richard Schmid he mentioned that if you want to paint a good tree think of it like a person posing for a portrait.  I really loved that advice.  It helped me to single out elements of a landscape instead of seeing them as part of a unified flat area.  That is what helped with this big stormy sky.  Instead of making the cloud just another part of the sky, but with slightly different colors and values.   I allowed it to have it's own identity, an individual worthy of a portrait.

(SOLD) Now in the private collection of D. Dalena, Boston MA, wish I was going along for a visit.


Susan Roux said...

Well done and great advise from Schmid.

You're in Hawaii and wish to be in New England. I'm in New England and would enjoy being in Hawaii. I suppose it's proof that we're never satisfied...

Dalan said...

Oh Susan the grass is always greener I guess. You are about to have some fantastic scenery for the fall that I have been missing.